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Roar (Stormheart #1) by Cora Carmack Book Review

Yes, I have caved and read the book! I got it on a subscription box from Fairyloot. Alright, let's get into the review! 

Well, I didn't like it that much! I almost DNF it in the first 60 pages, but for the sake of my readers, I powered through it.  Let's start with the idea of the story : The idea was awesome like it was the reason I wanted to read this book, but why would you focus on the romance side?
I get it Young Adult has some romance into it, but this romance was plain wrong. It was dodgy people. I won't get into that because I spent days writing. 
It had like 4 points of perspective like did the author run out to write things and was switching all the time?
It was confusing and took away from the story. I wish the world building was more elaborate.  The story was slow because they were focusing on the romance side, get to the action. 
Above all, I hate weak female leading characters, especially when the actual writer is a woman. Like come on can we get a stron…
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Djinn's Desire: A Mates for Monsters Novella by Tamsin Ley Book Review

Ya know after buying the merman kiss I thought what the hell lets read all of her books!  This book wasn't monstery enough. When you set the bar high better keep it up. None the less this book doesn't disappoint either so a good romance story with sexy scenes doesn't fail ever. 
I am loving her books it's something about them that makes it humane? Although it has a lot of fantasy in it. So this book was like yuss you go girl so him who's the boss.  ( you know what I mean when you read it) It was satisfying guys the book; not only n the romance perspective but story wise. 
here is the book:

Magick Reborn (Blood And Magick #1) by Katerina Martinez Book Review

Hello Bookworms,
So I read this book quite a while ago and I remember most of it so it must be an interesting book for me to remember!  So story 🙌✔ Plot 🙌✔ Characters 🙌✔
So the book was good, it had some interesting points through the book and the story was captivating, but ya guys it's 3 books and I didn't get inspired picking up the second book! I felt the story kinda ended in the first book. Like the resolution was done and the next one is another chapter which I didn;t feel like reading. So there you go read the first one and then decide if you wanna continue. 

Returning: A Water Novella (Elemental Origins 0.5) by A.L. Knorr Book Review

Obviously for me to go into a prequel the author must be good! Yuss she is.  So this book is about the mother of Traga and how she got together with her father. It's two books and I gotta say that it's interesting to see a story like that in a different perspective like in a mermaid perspective. I enjoyed the first book so yeah I am going to the second book.  If you read the first book and liked it then you better pick this one up it's doesn't fail you.
here is the book for ya just to make it easy :)

Laura by E.H. James Book Review

Disclaimer :
"I got a free copy of this book to do an honest review. So this is my true opinion of the book. Getting a free book doesn't influence my opinion for it. "

I am always skeptical when I read short stories, because if they are not written nicely then you left wondering why they even tried. To write a short story and capture the reader takes a great skill.
Well, E.H.James did the trick for me.

The story was captivating and left me wanting more. This story is one of those urban legends that you know it might have happened and then you experience it and you like I knew it! The only thing I wish about this short story is that needed to be longer dah! I want to know what happens next! I love a good ghost story.

You know the deal here's the book check it out! Worth it!

Born of Water (Elemental Origins #1) by A.L. Knorr Book Review

This book was unexpected in a good way. I picked it up and I started reading and I thought hmmm this is boring!!!!!!!! Boiiiii, Boiiii was I wrong. 
It was a bit slow at the beginning but picked up fairly quickly as soon as the "plot" or "transformation" happened. What I loved about the book was the writing. I loved the description of under the water and being a mermaid. It was super duper awesome. 
The story it self-was excellent. It left me wanting to read more about the main character which for me it's always is a good sign.  
So ya guys you need to read this so we fun girl or boy about it. 

The Merman's Kiss (Mates for Monsters #1) by Tamsin Ley Book Review

You know I came across this book so many times on my Kindle store, but never bought till the day had come to get influenced by group I am in and I bought it! 
I didn't expect that this book was going to be so good! Like it was weird as hell especially the sex scenes but definitely hot. If you think this book is weird by its description then do not worry it doesn't let you down! ha! Honestly, read it because it is a different kind of setting and its cool as the ocean.

Overall I did enjoy it. I would highly recommend it!

Here is the link